The Afternoon Special
Your friend who knows just a little bit too much about pop culture. Each week, join Bobbi Miller as she takes deep dives into everything in pop culture that you never knew to ask about, but now need the answer to. “I started The Afternoon Special as a series of videos on TikTok to keep me sane in the beginning of the pandemic. Soon, I decided to take my pop culture love to podcasts and The Afternoon Special Podcast was born,” says Bobbi Miller, host and creator of the show, which was chosen as the Apple Podcasts' Spotlight pick for March 2023. Bobbi, who describes herself on the show as “your friend who know just a little bit too much about pop culture” takes her audience on an eclectic deep dive of topics that range from adult animation to vampires in media, and what makes the perfect holiday special.  “The main approach I have when deciding topics for the show begins with the question of ‘What’s a pop culture question that you didn’t know to ask, but now you’re dying for the answer to?’ and then the episode is born from there,” she says. Bobbi has great ambitions for the show, but ultimately, she wants to keep it enjoyable for both herself and the audience. “I hope the show will continue to expand into other formats like listen-alongs or live shows,” she says. “No matter what, I just want to make sure the show remains fun. I hope the audience always walks away from each episode either having learned something new or just having had a good time.” Show more